Team PhenixBaits – Saltwater

Robert Schneider (Owner of Phenix Baits) – Temecula, CA

Favorite Species to Fish: Calico Bass

Personal Best: 8 pound Calico Bass (This is not it)

Favorite Phenix Lure: Vengeance Kelp Jig Spin (Red Crab) 1 oz.

How I fish it: I cast and retrieve it right through the thickest kelp stringers




Kelly Gleghorn – San Diego, CA

Favorite Species to Fish: Bluefin Tuna

Personal Best:

Favorite Phenix Lure: Vengeance Cedros

How I fish it:




David Bruce (Ski Dave) – Wrightwood, CA

Favorite Species to Fish: Calico Bass

Personal Best: 261 Lb. Swordfish

Favorite Phenix Lure: Vengeance Saltwater Spinnerbait (Chartreuse and White – Double Willow Nickel Blades) 1 0z.

How I fish it: Eradic or slow rolled.




Anthony Noy – San Diego, CA

Favorite Species to Fish:  CA Yellowtail

Personal Best: 35 lbs. Yellowtail

Favorite Phenix Lure:  Cedros 7X Surface Iron

How I fish it:  Best way to fish. Make long casts and slow roll it back to the boat, look out for both bird schools as well as fish boiling.