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Phenix Vibrator Jig (Blue Shad - Hologram Blade) 5-pack

The Phenix Vibrator Jig is built around a Custom Mustad 6/0 O'Shaughnessy Needle Point Black Nickel Hook. Attached to it is our Custom Vibrator Blade with our Patented Blade Clip. Patent D809623

Price: $34.00
Phenix Vibrator Jig (DIY Kit - Unfinished Blade)

Do It Yourself Phenix Vibrator Jig Kit with Patented Blade Clip + Kit contains one Phenix Vibrator Jig Lead head with custom Mustad Hook, one Phenix Vibrator Blade, one duo-lock snap and one patented blade attachment clip + Paint or powder coat the lead head, add one of our skits and assemble your own custom Phenix Vibrator Jig. Patent D809623

Price: $6.75
Phenix Anthony 150 Swimbaits (Light Trout)

The Anthony 150 is a 6" swimbait very similar to the old Megabait LA Slider produced by the now defunct Pace Industries. The bait features the same great removable weighted hook as the original. This one comes with equipped with a 3/4 oz. Internal Jig Head.

Price: $12.00
Pro-Series Arky Jig (Dark Green Pumpkin) 5-pack

***Justin Patti used this jig to help win the 2017 WON Bass US Open at Lake Mead, NV*** Gamakatsu Round Bend Hook * Banded Skirt * 5-pack

Price: $15.00
Phenix Pro-Series Football Jig (Black with Blue Silicone) 5-Pack

Hand Tied Skirt (Black Living Rubber with Blue Silicone) Gamakatsu 60Ëš Flat Eye, Light Wire, Round Bend Jig Hook

Price: $18.00
Phenix Pro-Series Flipping Jig (Copper Crayfish) 5-Pack

Gamakatsu 60Ëš Round Bend Pitching and Flipping Jig Hook Skirt Color Designed by Cody Meyer

Price: $21.00
Phenix Finesse Slider Weights 1/4 oz. Larger Quantity 25-pack

These "Larger Quantity Packs" are not available in stores âš WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Price: $9.15
ProLine Stand-up Football Jig (Rusty's Watermelon) 5-Pack

* * * LIMITED EDITION CUSTOM COLOR * * * Custom Painted Watermelon Green with Black Flake Football Head + Hand Tied Skirt (Green Living Rubber with Dark Green Pumpkinn Silicone) + Gamakatsu 6/0 Curved Shank, Stand-up Hook + Designed by Rusty Brown (2013 WON Bass US Open Champion) and Robert Schneider

Price: $19.00
ProLine Shore Master Spinnerbait (Western Shad - Dbl Wil Nic/Nic)

***Rusty Brown used this Spinnerbait to help win the 2013 WON Bass US Open at Lake Mead, NV *** ProLine Shore Master Spinnerbait (Western Shad, Front blade: Nickel Willow / Rear blade: Nickel Willow) Gamakatsu 4/0 Spinnerbait Hook - Nickel

Price: $6.00
Vengeance Shad Head (Jim's Special) 2-pack

Vengeance 3-D Eye Shad Head (Plain Head with Hologram Flake) Mustad Black Nickel, Needle Point Hook

Price: $3.50
Vengeance Kelp Jig Spin (Red Crab)

Weedless Kelp Head with a Silicone Skirt Mustad Black Nickel, Needle Point Hook

Price: $6.50