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Pro-Series Arkie Jigs

Pro-Series Arkie Jigs

Pro-Series Arkie Jigs

Discover the Phenix Pro Series Arkie Jig - your secret weapon for unlocking elusive bass behavior. Uncover the irresistible appeal of the latest angling innovation that leaves bass begging for mercy. Equipped with cutting-edge features like the Gamakatsu 60-degree flat eye, light wire, round bend hook, safeguarded by a premium fiber weed-guard, and adorned with a carefully curated banded skirt, the Phenix Pro-Series Arkie Jig ensures you're always steps ahead in the fishing game. Get ready to set the hook on an unforgettable angling adventure!

Engineered with a unique custom head design, the Phenix Pro-Series Arkie Jig is your ultimate choice for conquering various terrains, from sandy shores to gravel bottoms and rocky landscapes. Whether you're finesse pitching through stick-ups or deftly maneuvering around branches and lay downs, this versatile jig has got you covered.

Key Features that elevate the Phenix Pro-Series Arkie Jig:

  • Gamakatsu Series 614 60˚ Flat Eye, Light Wire, Round Bend Jig Hook
  • Convenient Size/Weight markings imprinted on the jig's base for easy identification
  • Precisely placed Premium 1/8 inch diameter Fiber Weed-guard for deflecting hangups
  • Personalize your approach with a High-Quality Custom Color Banded Skirt or an intricately Hand-tied skirt featuring Living Rubber
  • Enduring Custom 3-part painting designed to resist chips and scratches:
      1. Powder Coated Base Layer for maximum durability
      2. Custom Color Paint and/or Flake for enhanced allure
      3. Automotive Clear Coat Hardener for a lasting, glossy finish
  • Available Sizes: 1/4 oz (3/0 Hook), 3/8 oz (4/0 Hook), 1/2 oz (5/0 Hook)
  • Proudly Designed in the USA

Elevate your fishing game with the Phenix Pro Series Arkie Jig – where innovation meets tradition to create angling mastery. Ready to entice, engage, and land your next prized catch? Cast your line with confidence and let the Phenix Pro-Series Arkie Jig redefine your fishing experience!

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