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Elite Series All Purpose Sparkie Jig - Custom

Elite Series All Purpose Sparkie Jig  - Custom

Elite Series All Purpose Sparkie Jig - Custom

Discover the ultimate fishing companion with the Phenix Elite-Series All Purpose Sparkie Jig. Renowned nationwide for its exceptional performance, this jig stands as a testament to versatility and effectiveness. Crafted with precision, its innovative design effortlessly adapts to diverse aquatic environments, making it an indispensable addition to any angler's toolkit.

Built to excel across various terrains, from sandy expanses to gravel beds and chunk rock formations, this jig's adaptability knows no bounds. Whether you're navigating through stick-ups or deftly maneuvering around branches and submerged obstacles, this jig remains your reliable ally. Fondly referred to as the "All-Terrain Jig," its flexibility even extends to a skillful swimming jig when the need arises. Elevate your fishing endeavors with the Phenix Elite-Series All Purpose Sparkie Jig – where versatility meets performance in perfect harmony.


  • Mustad 60˚ Heavy Wire, In-line Eye, Wide Bend, UltraPoint, Black Nickel Jig Hooks
  • Custom Sparkie Head Design
  • Triple 360˚ round cone collar to hold your plastic trailers in place without slicing
  • Premium Fiber Weedguard
  • High Quality Banded Silicone Skirts or Hand Tied Living Rubber skirts depending on your color choice
  • Custom 3-part painting Process:
    1. Powdered Coated Base Layer
    2. Custom Color Paint and/or Flake
    3. Automotive Clear Coat Hardener

Pro Tip:

So let me give you some hints on how I modify this jig to catch more fish.  First I trim the skirt so it's just past the bend in the hook, about 3/8 inch. Then I shorten the weed guard so it's overlaps the hook point by about 1/4 inch and I cut about 1/3 of the bristles at the base.  Finally, I add a 3-inch trailer. Why don't we make them this way you might ask?  Well some folks like long skirts, long weed guards and stiff weed guards.  You can make them shorter after you buy them but you can't make them longer. - Robert Schneider - Owner Phenix baits

CA Proposition 65 Warning

⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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