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Pro-Series Flipping Jigs - Custom Colors

Pro-Series Flipping Jigs - Custom Colors

Pro-Series Flipping Jigs - Custom Colors

Elevate your bass fishing game with the Phenix Pro-Series Flipping Jig, a meticulously refined masterpiece inspired by tournament bass fishing experts. Perfect for conquering shallow cover, this jig sets the standard for power fishing in various terrains, from grassy hideouts to rocky enclaves and everything in between.

Crafted with precision, the Phenix Pro-Series Flipping Jig features a recessed eye line tie and a slim, chip-resistant head designed to effortlessly navigate through the trickiest hang-ups. This means cleaner flips, pitches, and skips, ensuring you stay in control of the action.

Equipped with a razor-sharp Gamakatsu Series 294 60˚ Inline Eye, Heavy Wire, Round Bend Flipping Jig Hook, this jig guarantees reliable hooksets every time. Its precisely angled extra heavy fiber weed guard, with a 5/32" diameter, strikes the perfect balance between durability and flexibility, allowing you to power through thick vegetation while securing solid catches.

Key Features:

  • Easy Identification: Size and weight imprints on the jig's bottom for quick selection.
  • Skirt Options: Choose between a high-quality Custom Colored Banded Silicone Skirt or a Hand-tied Skirt with Living Rubber to suit your angling style.
  • Durable Custom Paint: Enjoy vibrant, long-lasting colors with a Powder Coating Base and Automotive Clear Coat Hardener Finish that resists chipping and scratching.
  • Available Sizes: Select the perfect size for your needs - 3/8 oz (4/0 Hook), 1/2 oz. (5/0 Hook), or 5/8 oz. (5/0 Hook).

Don't miss your chance to own the Phenix Pro-Series Flipping Jig, a tool trusted by seasoned pros and designed to help you catch more fish. Upgrade your tackle box today and experience bass fishing like never before. With this jig, you'll be ready to tackle any challenge on the water and reel in those trophy-worthy catches. Order now and take your fishing to the next level!

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